Workman + Typematrix skins

Typematrix is selling Workman skins for their 2030 keyboards!
This is great for all of you Typematrix users out there.
I personally use a Typematrix keyboard and it’s really great.
I highly recommend it.

You can get them here at

I’m not sure if Workman is supported at the firmware level yet but hopefully they’ll include it in the future.
I will definitely announce it here when that happens.

2 thoughts on “Workman + Typematrix skins

  1. I am thinking about buying one of these, but have never used an ortho-layout before. OJ, is there anything you don’t like about the 2030 keyboard?

    • I only wish it had a little bit more separation between the hands. Other than that I’m satisfied with it. They have an older version with more hand separation but i think they are phasing those out. Another thing is that they have great customer service which I really appreciate.

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