9 thoughts on “Workman submitted to XOrg

  1. Here’s hoping the layout makes it into Xorg. Since I’ve been using Linux on the desktop more and more lately I would like to see it happen. Please make sure both the standard and programmers’ version make it in, though. The tar.gz currently attached to the Bugzilla entry doesn’t have Workman-P.

    I think Workman shipping with Xorg will not only make life easier for those Linux and *BSD users who want to try the layout but will also help the project gain some extra exposure. Perhaps you should consider getting it into some community-driven distributions of Android (e.g., CyanogenMod), though I’m not sure how useful it would actually be there, what with most Android devices having a touchscreen and no physical keyboard.

    • Judging from Sergey’s response, it looks like he will be adding it to the base.extras section in xorg. I don’t know all the implications of this, but it might mean that the layout isn’t as visible as the more common layouts. You might have to just know that it exists and set it using setxkbmap. While that wouldn’t be ideal, it is much better than having to install the layout(s) manually.
      Sorry I overlooked the programmers version. It might carry more weight if someone other than me posted interest for this on the ticket though. I think it will help solidify the fact that people other than me actually use Workman on a daily basis.

  2. Hey good news! I suggested that Workman should be part of the “core” layouts instead of the “extras” so that it is shown by default in the layout managers, and Sergey agreed to it. So it will be a first class citizen, up there with Dvorak and Colemak.

      • The last X11 release was 5 months ago. New releases are made, on average, about once a year. I’m guessing it will be about 6 months before the release is made, and another 6 months before it trickles down into the various *nixes that use it. That’s a pretty long time, but you have to start somewhere.

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