Workman + Klavaro Typing Tutor

Our good friend Shawn Badger has submitted Workman for inclusion to the Klavaro project.

[Klavaro] is a layout-independent typing tutor for LInux/Windows/Mac.
In the mean time, you can still use Klavaro by adding the layout manually.
Simply create a file called “workman_us.kbd” and place it in “C:Program Files (x86)Klavaro-1.9.4/share/klavaro/workman_us.kbd”
Copy and paste the following into the file, then save it.


Now when you open up Klavaro, you can select USA / Workman and all of the tutorials will be useful.

Klavaro can be found here.

Also according to Shawn, make sure that there’s a space before ‘z’ and ‘Z’, or else alignment will be wrong in Klavaro.

3 thoughts on “Workman + Klavaro Typing Tutor

  1. Note: There should be a space before the ‘z’ and ‘Z’ characters. Otherwise the bottom row will not be aligned correctly in Klavaro.

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